Our story

We are a Ukrainian family company that produces craft spices. The history of our business began with the love of cooking delicious meals. We love the combination of bright deep flavors and its layering in dishes.

In addition to getting great pleasure from cooking it is important for us that our delicious dishes are original, but quick and not complicated to prepare. And we are proud that our guests always say "your dishes are tastier than in some restaurants!"

Experimenting with tastes, at some point we came to the understanding that our passion for cooking is more than just a hobby. We want to share our philosophy with the world.

Our goal is to bring to life the idea that everyone can cook the perfect restaurant-level dinner. To do this, you do not need to be a professional and spend a lot of time and effort on training.

We have developed something that will help bring our idea to life - a set of the right spices, spices for cooking the most delicious dishes at home. We hope that with us and our spices you will be able to improve your cooking skills and learn how to surprise your family and guests with bright and unexpected tastes of delicious dishes.