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Smoked Paprika NeedSpice™

Smoked Paprika NeedSpice™

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Elevate your dishes with unbeatable aroma and spiciness using NeedSpice™Smoked Paprika. This aromatic, gently-smoked seasoning enriches the flavors of your favorite meats, fish and cold or hot appetizers.

Add exotic notes and depth of flavor with NeedSpice™Smoked Paprika, and your dishes will become a special culinary revelation for you and your guests!

Aroma imparted by the seasoning:

Softly smoked sweet pepper with a barely perceptible bitter and mysterious aroma, comparable to the scent of a porcini mushroom.

Flavor imparted by the seasoning:

A mildly spicy pepper taste with pleasant hints of smoke and warmth, followed by sweet pepper notes that add a delightful caramel sweetness. A touch of bitterness maintains the balance of flavor and ensures a long-lasting aftertaste.

Ideally suited for:

Chicken wings! That's our love! Also, it's a great complement to any poultry, meat, or fish, especially when grilled or baked in the oven.

Fast and tasty dishes to cook with Smoked Paprika:

  • Chicken wings
  • Country-style potatoes
  • Braised beans with tomato
  • Panini
  • Nachos, chips, popcorn


Smoked paprika

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NeedSpice Brand Features and Benefits:

Craft production:

We handcraft and package our spices and blends in small batches once or twice a week

Custom smoking:

We individually select wood chip blends for each spice to complement and enhance their unique flavor and aroma

Layered blending:

Each blend is hand-assembled in layers, with a subsequent maturation process, allowing the ingredients to fully infuse and develop their flavors

Vibrant aroma and rich taste:

Chances are, you'll never go back to ordinary supermarket spices


We only use ingredients from the latest harvests of Ukrainian farmers and personally verify each new shipment, as only fresh, high-quality spices rich in essential oils can create the Needspice brand flavor and aroma


No artificial preservatives, colorings, genetically modified foods, or other nasties. Only natural ingredients

Safe smoking:

We double-filter the smoke before entering the smoking chamber to ensure flawless flavor and aroma

Next-level cooking:

We guarantee your satisfaction with the taste and aroma of NeedSpice seasonings. Everyone who has tasted food prepared with them has wanted seconds and sought to try other NeedSpice delights.